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Cochrane is an international network of 37,000 dedicated people from over 130 countries.  We work together to help healthcare practitioners, policy-makers, patients, their advocates and carers, make well-informed decisions about health care, by preparing, updating, and promoting the accessibility of Cochrane Reviews, published online in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, part of The Cochrane Library. Learn more ...

What we do

Systematic Reviews are our main product. They are published electronically in full text in The Cochrane Library. The abstracts and plain language summaries of all Cochrane Reviews are also freely available on Cochrane Summaries. Learn more ... 


To talk to someone about Cochrane and its work, please contact the Cochrane Press Office at or +44 (0)207 183 7503, or your nearest Cochrane Centre.

To arrange an interview with a review author or to receive press releases produced by our publisher Wiley highlighting some of the key healthcare conclusions and their implications for practice published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, please contact the Wiley press office at  



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Useful websites

Find a list of worldwide medical news review services, such as Behind the Headlines and

Informed Health Online offers a collection of articles for journalists about medical journalism.

(the) health informaticist, a blog about knowledge translation, Web 2.0 and evidence-based medicine.

Journalist Tool Kit produced by

The Health Behavior News Service (HBNS), part of the Center for Advancing Health based in Washington D.C., USA, also publicises Cochrane Reviews. HBNS disseminates news stories centered on the latest findings from systematic reviews and studies in peer-reviewed journals.


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