Proposing and registering new reviews

How to propose and register a Cochrane Review title

Thousands of people from around the world contribute to Cochrane by writing Cochrane Reviews. Review teams, typically comprising clinicians and researchers, come together to address a particular topic by summarising all the available evidence. Authors are motivated to write a review for many reasons, for example, to resolve conflicting evidence, to address questions of clinical uncertainty, to explore variations in practice or to highlight a need for further research, but the overarching aim in preparing a review is to help people make well-informed decisions about health care.

Before beginning work, your proposed Cochrane Review title must be registered with a Cochrane Review Group. This prevents duplication of effort with other authors and ensures that your topic is appropriate for a Cochrane Review. There are 53 Review Groups, each focusing on a particular area of health care, co-ordinated by an editorial team who edit and publish protocols and completed reviews in The Cochrane Library. Unlike other journals, your Cochrane Review Group will provide support and advice throughout the review process.

The steps you need to follow to propose a new review are outlined below. If you need assistance or are unsure how to proceed, contact your nearest Cochrane Centre.

1. Decide on your topic for a review. Make sure your proposal does not duplicate any work already published or registered with The Cochrane Collaboration.

2. Identify a team of authors for your review. Cochrane Reviews must be undertaken by more than one person.

3. Identify the Cochrane Review Group that is most relevant to your topic of interest.

  • Check the Review Group website for details of the topics they cover and priorities for reviews of importance.
  • If you are unsure which Review Group relates to your topic of interest, check the byline information of published reviews on related topics in The Cochrane Library, or contact a managing editor at any of the potentially relevant review groups.

4.    Make contact with the Review Group.

  • Check the Review Group website for details on how they prefer to be contacted by new authors. This is usually by email, or they may have an online form. Let them know as much as you can about your proposed review.
  • All Review Groups will ask you to complete a Review Proposal Form, which can be found on the group’s website. This form lets the group know the details of your proposed review, and the team you have put together.

Review proposals are accepted at the discretion of the Review Group. There may be some discussion with the Review Group editors and amendments required to clarify or change the scope of the proposed review before the title can be registered.

Please note that not all Cochrane Review Groups accept Diagnostic Test Accuracy (DTA) review proposals. Those interested in conducting DTA reviews should contact the relevant CRG and visit the DTA Working Group website.

Updated on: February 11, 2014, 12:16

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