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Peer review

Peer review policy

We are developing a general policy and supporting guidance on peer review of Cochrane Reviews and protocols for Cochrane Reviews. For more information on this process, see Peer review for Cochrane Reviews (presentation at the Cochrane Colloquium, October 2016).

During the development of the policy we conducted a survey of all Cochrane Review Groups to gather information on current CRG practices and policies, inform the implementation of the new policy, and help us to identify where additional guidance will be needed.  The results of this survey are summarised in the following PowerPoint presentation: Cochrane Review Group peer review survey 2016.

Please contact individual Cochrane Review Groups to find out more about their current peer review processes.

Peer review resources

There are several standard forms and checklists that Cochrane Review Groups can use to support their peer review processes. These resources are designed to be comprehensive and facilitate continuity across the Cochrane groups, but Cochrane groups are free to modify the documents as they wish.

These resources were originally developed by the Cochrane Editorial Resources Committee and are now maintained by the Cochrane Editorial Unit. The consumer resources were developed in conjunction with the Cochrane Consumer Network.
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Bryony Urquhart (burquhart@cochrane.org)
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Addition of CRG survey from 2016.
Updating of all peer review forms and checklists to include new COI text.
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7 March 2017