Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource

The Cochrane Library publisher, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, is taking part in patientAccess, an initiative that provides patients and their caregivers with low-cost access to peer-reviewed research articles. patientAccess is a collaborative project with selected medical scholarly publishers, the Professional/Scholarly Publishing (PSP) Division of the Association of American Publishers, the International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers (STM), and the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).

patientAccess allows a patient or their caregiver to have access to a Cochrane Review in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR), even if they do not have access through other means (such as through a subscription or national provision). In this case, the patient or their caregiver can select the patientAccess option that will appear on the screen when the user tries to access the full text of an article. The patient or their caregiver registers and pays a processing fee of USD $3.50 plus any applicable local taxes (levied by the Copyright Clearance Center, not Wiley or Cochrane) rather than the normal article fee or a subscription. The entire research paper is then emailed to the requestor. The patients and their caregivers can then print out the full article for their own use, or to bring to their healthcare professional. If the person’s interest does not qualify for patientAccess, articles are available to researchers and others via subscriber access or purchase. 

Further details and information about restrictions are available on Wiley's patientAccess page.