2016 Annual General Meeting: 25th October 2016, Seoul

2016 Annual General Meeting: 25th October 2016, Seoul

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of Cochrane’s Steering Group and Senior Management Team, it is my pleasure to invite you to attend the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) on Tuesday 25th October 2016. The meeting will be held at the Grand Hilton Seoul, at the 24th Cochrane Colloquium in Seoul, Republic of Korea.
Cochrane is in a period of significant organizational change. It is almost three years since we launched the Strategy to 2020 with the aim of putting our evidence at the heart of health decision-making all over the world. This year there’s a new approach to informing the community about the latest news related to these strategic plans. Preceding the formal AGM there will be a series of presentations highlighting the key developments, led by the CEO, Editor in Chief, and members of the Cochrane community. The full list of business to be conducted at this AGM-special session is set out in the Agenda together with the attachments to the Agenda. We hope it will be of interest to both registered AGM participants and any other Colloquium attendee who would like to attend – you are warmly welcome. The whole session is expected to go from 16:00-18:30 local time in Seoul, and will be recorded and made available on the AGM page of the Cochrane Community website for those unable to attend in person.
Registration for Cochrane ‘members’:
Cochrane is a registered charity in the United Kingdom and must adhere to the legal requirements governing UK charities; one of these requirements is to hold an annual meeting of members. Currently, Cochrane’s members are its registered Groups (entities): Centres, Fields, Methods Groups and Review Groups; and one person from each Group is expected to attend the AGM.

I would be grateful if the participant who will represent your Group at the AGM formally registers by submitting his or her name, email and Group through the designated Colloquium website form by the end of your day on Friday 14th October 2016. This person is the only person who will be able to vote on behalf of your Group on resolutions during the AGM. However, should the registered participant not be able to attend the AGM for any reason, a proxy may be appointed, who will need to email Maya Sapir (msapir@cochrane.org) from the Central Executive Team by 12:00 local Seoul time on the day before the AGM, Monday 24th October 2016. Apologies for Groups unable to send a representative should also be sent directly to Maya Sapir. As already mentioned, other members of your Group are encouraged to attend in a non-voting capacity.

Voting for registered participants:
There is a series of resolutions on the Agenda on which the registered participants will vote at the AGM on behalf of their Group. Voters (i.e. the registered participants) should sit at the front of the room during the meeting; there will be an allocated seating area. Voting options on the resolutions will be: Yes, No, or Abstain. To facilitate voting, voting cards will be used and registered participants will need to collect these from the Cochrane Community exhibition booth at the Colloquium venue by 12:00 local Seoul time on the day of the AGM.

Open discussion:
Item 14 on the Agenda is an open discussion, during which any attendee at the AGM will have the opportunity to ask members of the Steering Group and Central Executive’s senior management any question about the organisation, its strategic direction, management and funding. To facilitate discussion, attendees are encouraged to submit their questions in advance using the designated Colloquium website form. Any member of the Cochrane community who is not attending the AGM or Colloquium is also invited to submit questions here and they will either be answered at the meeting or in writing following the meeting, time permitting.

This is not your only opportunity to ask questions of Cochrane’s leadership. There will be an informal lunch meeting hosted by the Steering Group Co-Chairs Lisa Bero and Cindy Farquhar, and CEO Mark Wilson, earlier in the day of the AGM-special session (25th October), from 13:00 -13:50 local time in Seoul, to which Colloquium attendees are cordially invited. This will provide another, more informal opportunity for engagement with them.

Important Resources

I look forward to seeing many of you in Seoul.

Best wishes,

Sarah Watson
Head of Finance & Core Services
Company Secretary
Cochrane Central Executive

September 30, 2016