Cochrane Colloquium - Edinburgh 2018

Edinburgh buildings

The 2018 Cochrane Colloquium will be held in Edinburgh at the International Conference Centre in Scotland from 16-18 September 2018. It will be hosted by Cochrane UK.

Theme and content

Cochrane for all: Better evidence for better health decisions

This will be a Colloquium for everyone. It will welcome newcomers to Cochrane from all parts of the world and from all backgrounds. One of the key aims is to increase the involvement of patients, carers and family members (healthcare consumers) in our work. As such, the Colloquium 2018 will be a Patients Included event that is co-designed, co-produced and co-presented by healthcare consumers and where everyone’s input is valued equally.   

The Colloquium 2018 will focus on the key goals of Cochrane’s Strategy to 2020, looking through the eyes of healthcare consumers and in partnership with them:

  • Producing evidence
  • Making evidence accessible
  • Advocating for evidence
  • Effective and sustainable organization

For more information, please read the full official announcement. Individuals are also welcome to share their suggestions for the 2018 Colloquium through an online survey, which can be found at the bottom of this blog.

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Find out more about sponsorship, advertising, and stipend opportunities in our sponsorship brochure:

Further information

To keep up to date with plans for the Cochrane Colloquium Edinburgh, please visit and follow on Twitter: @CochraneUK and #Cochraneforall. Registration is scheduled to open in early 2018, and more details on dates, registration and the scientific programme will be announced when the Colloquium website launches in December 2017.

October 24, 2017