Survey round-up: December 2017

Survey round-up

A round-up of active surveys submitted by Cochrane contributors, colleagues, and partners seeking input from the Cochrane Community - updated through the month.

Testing the AGREE-REX Tool
General information: Contribute your knowledge to help develop the next generation of practice guideline appraisal
Who is running the survey: The AGREE Collaboration
Who should take the survey: Practice guideline developers, researchers, users
Closing date: Not specified
Links: Background information on the AGREE initiative and Survey for a new appraisal tool

Feedback on interim guidance on how to decide whether to incorporate clinical study reports and other regulatory documents into Cochrane Reviews
General information: 
This is a Cochrane funded (Methods Innovation Fund) project to develop guidance on when to consider regulatory data for inclusion in Cochrane Reviews.
Who is running the survey: The guidance development project is coordinated by Tom Jefferson (Senior Associate Tutor, University of Oxford, UK) with seven other authors representing CRGs and Methods Groups who expressed an interest in contributing to the project.
Who should take the survey: Those working in Cochrane Groups (Centres, Fields, CRGs, Methods), trainers and relevant members of the Central Executive team. Group feedback rather than individual is acceptable should you wish to confer with colleagues
Closing date: 22 December 2017
Links:  Provide feedback




December 1, 2017