Upcoming events

Upcoming events

A round-up of upcoming Cochrane events and conferences

  • For workshops and courses, please see the Training site listing
  • To have your non-training event listed here or to let us know about a conference you are attending, please let Holly Millward know at hmillward@cochrane.org

Cochrane Eyes and Vision 20th Anniversary
Date: 22 to 25 May 2017
Location: UK
Hosted by: Cochrane Eyes and Vision
Description: The Eyes and Vision Review Group are hosting an event to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. More information will be shared soon.

Cochrane Iberoamérica 20th Anniversary
Date: 24-25 May 2017
Location: Barcelona
Hosted by: Cochrane Iberoamérica
Description: The title of the event is "Systematic reviews for clinical practice and research". It will include a conference and workshops. Mark Wilson and Karla Soares will be attending.
More information: http://es.cochrane.org/es/news/jornadas-revisiones-sistemáticas-para-la-práctica-clínica-y-la-investigación-24-y-25-de-mayo-en

Cochrane Ireland 12th Annual Conference
Type: Symposium
Date: 26 May 2017
Location: Galway, Ireland
Hosted by: Cochrane Ireland
Description: This one day event will showcase just some of the best that Cochrane Ireland has to offer, including poster sessions of ongoing work and also international experts sharing their experiences in this area.
More information: eventbrite.ie/e/12th-cochrane-conference-ireland-2017-tickets-31217404096

XVI Annual Meeting of Cochrane Iberoamerica
Type: Symposium
Date: 5-7 June 2017
Location: Medellín, Colombia
Hosted by: Cochrane Iberoamerica
Description: More information to come.

9th Cochrane Croatia Symposium: Evidence Based Dental Medicine
Date: 9 and 10 June 207
Location: University of Split School of Medicine, Croatia
Hosted by: Cochrane Croatia
Description: This year's symposium will present relevant clinical evidence from the field of dental medicine, discuss important clinical findings in the light of public health, explore guidelines in the field of dental medicine and needs for further research. Methodological guidelines of Cochrane systematic reviews will be analyzed and their clinical applicability in the context of current knowledge and common clinical practice will be discussed. The symposium will include workshops on key methodological features necessary for good understanding of scientific evidence.
More information: http://croatia.cochrane.org/news/9th-crocos

Cochrane Gynaecological, Neuro-oncology and Orphan Cancer 21st Anniversary
Type: Symposium
Date: 30 June 2017
Location: Bath, UK
Hosted by: Cochrane Gynaecological, Neuro-oncology and Orphan Cancer
Description: More information to come.

Global Evidence Summit
Type: Colloquium
Date: 12-16 September 2017
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Hosted by: Cochrane South Africa
Description: The Global Evidence Summit will be the first time that Cochrane, The Campbell Collaboration, Guidelines International Network, International Society for Evidence-based Health Care, and Joanna Briggs Institute have joined forces to create this premiere event in evidence-based policy.
The theme of the Summit is ‘Using evidence. Improving lives.’ and we have an event lined up that aims to showcase the luminaries in the field, to challenge and stimulate policy-makers and practitioners on how to base their decisions on the best available evidence.
More information: globalevidencesummit.org/

May 1, 2017