Upcoming events

Upcoming events

A round-up of upcoming Cochrane events and conferences

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Cochrane Croatia's 10th Annual Symposium

Date: 29 June 2018
Location: Split, Croatia
Hosted by: Cochrane Croatia
Description: The theme is "Building capacity for Cochrane systematic review production and dissemination". We are proud to announce our international speakers, Prof Taryn Young, Director of the Centre for Evidence-based Health Care and Head of the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Stellenbosch University, Tamara Lotfi, Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative Secretariat Coordinator at the American University of Beirut and Selena Ryan-Vig from Students for Best Evidence network. They will be joined by Croatian experts and members of Cochrane Croatia Center. The aim of this year's Croatian Cochrane Symposium is to provide a better understanding of systematic review methodology, as well as to empower participants in the use and dissemination of Cochrane evidence. Participants will be introduced to process of creating evidence maps, self-evaluation of training capacity and the role of students in Evidence-based Health Care. Strategy for Cochrane systematic review production in Croatia will be discussed in round table.
More Information: Full program and registration in English and in Croatian.


David Moher Cochrane Methods Symposium: Bias and Beyond

Date:   15 September 2018
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Hosted by: Cochrane Methods
Description: The Cochrane Methods Symposium provides an ideal opportunity to celebrate past co-convenor of the Cochrane Bias Methods Group, David Moher, for his contribution to methods research and to pause and reflect on the status of methods research today. We intend to recognise David’s very considerable impact on research synthesis methodology while also looking forward to provide an overview of selected hot topics within methods research relevant for the broader Cochrane community. There is no charge for the workshop.
More Information: Overview of Symposium


Cochrane Colloquium Workshops

Type: Workshops
Date: 15 September 2018
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Hosted by: Cochrane Methods
Description: There are a number of full and half-day workshops that are not part of the four-day programme but will be of interest to participants at the Colloquium. They are intended to further the event goals, foster interaction and the development of partnerships, and have broad appeal across sectors. This year the workshops cover GRADE-CERQual approach, economics methods, qualitative evidence synthesis, network meta-analysis, prognostic studies, living systematic reviews, and much more.
More Information: full colloquium workshop listing.


Cochrane Colloquium

Type: Colloquium
Date: 16-18 September 2018
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Hosted by: Cochrane UK
Description: The theme of the Colloquium will be: ‘Cochrane for all – better evidence for better health decisions.' This will be a Colloquium for everyone. It will welcome newcomers to Cochrane from all parts of the world and from all backgrounds. One of the key aims is to increase the involvement of patients, carers and family members (healthcare consumers) in our work. As such, the Colloquium 2018 will be a Patients Included event that is co-designed, co-produced and co-presented by healthcare consumers and where everyone’s input is valued equally.   
More Information: news item on Cochrane Community: Cochrane Colloquium - Edinburgh 2018 and Cochrane Colloquium website.


Cochrane Nordic 25th Anniversary Research Symposium

Date: 12 October 2018
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Hosted by: The Cochrane Nordic Centre
Description: This October, it is 25 years since both the Cochrane Collaboration and the Nordic Cochrane Centre were established. To commemorate this occasion, we will host a symposium featuring a series of lectures that exemplify how our research at the Nordic Cochrane Centre has contributed to healthcare and evidence-based medicine over the last 25 years. We have invited a number of speakers who have been affiliated with our Centre throughout the years to come and talk about their research and the impact it has had on healthcare
More Information: Symposium page with full programme.

May 22, 2018