Jo Anthony - Senior Media and Communications Officer

My job is to share the best ‘stories’ about Cochrane Collaboration and the work we do. Today with the Strategy to 2020, there is a strong desire to work more closely with the media and the wider world to raise awareness of Cochrane, through its people, its reviews and stories. My focus is to work with the Cochrane groups, authors and editorial team to disseminate, build profile and increase the coverage of Cochrane evidence to a wider audience, globally. I am passionate about growing Cochrane’s brand awareness and loyalty and am responsible for the management of the Cochrane Events Support role, as well as providing content and media and communications support to the Central Executive Team.


Nancy Owens - Senior Communications Manager

My job is to support all aspects of Cochrane’s internal and external communications strategy, and to manage those aspects which involve online content, on websites and on social media, to ensure that we are providing consistent, coordinated, and timely information across all of our communications channels. I also support Cochrane colleagues in planning and executing communications for their initiatives, as well as CEAD’s work on developing organizational partnerships, particularly with G-I-N and Wikipedia.


Muriah Umoquit - Internal Communications and Content Officer

I am responsible for facilitating communication between the Central Executive team, Cochrane contributors, and stakeholders. I curate the Cochrane Community and Cochrane Connect newsletters and prepare content for the Cochrane Community and websites, such as news items, Featured Reviews, and blog posts. I work with the Communications and External Affairs team and our extended Communications Network to carry out coordinated communications campaigns and support Cochrane colleagues in planning and executing effective communications for their initiatives. I put together the weekly Comms Digest which provides Cochrane groups content to disseminate through their individual newsletters and social media channels. 


Sylvia de Haan - Partnerships Co-ordinator

My role is to facilitate external partnership development for Cochrane. This includes managing strategic partnerships for Cochrane with the World Health Organization, Wikipedia, Joanna Briggs Institute, G-I-N, Campbell, the Union for International Cancer Control, and others. I also work with Cochrane Groups to help them create partnerships in their sphere of influence. I am trying to find opportunities, create links and connect people so that Cochrane's work (producing reviews; developing methods; training people) gets used in global public health policy making. While my primary focus is maintaining and strengthening existing partnerships, I also keep an eye on other partnerships that Cochrane can develop, primarily again aiming at advocating the use of our evidence by external partners.


Kathelene Weiss - Development Co-ordinator

I am a fundraising professional with more than 15 years expertise in both the UK and USA in generating revenue and developing new income sources. I am an articulate and persuasive relationship and stakeholder manager who has excelled at building sustainable partnerships between businesses, the education sector, government, private individuals and the cultural and charitable sectors. I bring with me over 10 years in senior roles and a true passion for the fundraising profession. Recent roles have included Director of Development for COHRED, a Geneva based NGO that works to build research capacity in low and middle income countries, and Director of Oxford Inspires, the cultural development agency in Oxfordshire, UK.

Email: kweiss@cochrane.or

Holly Millward – Events Support Officer

My job is to support Cochrane Groups in hosting events such as the annual Cochrane Colloquium and Governance Meetings. I provide support around event promotion and communication, Cochrane policies and Memorandums of Understanding, Cochrane event management, as well as the event branding. Do contact me if you would like to discuss your event needs.

I also support Cochrane’s brand communication and graphic design needs. Contact me regarding Brand Guidelines and policies, or if you need graphic design support, whether it’s digital or print.

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: Events support
Wednesday & Friday: Brand communications


Juliane Ried - Translations Co-ordinator

I’m collaborating with our volunteer teams around the world who translate Cochrane Reviews and other Cochrane content into their local languages. As set out in our translation strategy, we are working to identify and establish sustainable approaches to translation, and we are aiming to provide effective infrastructure and support for many languages, rather than focusing on selected priorities only. I’m working closely with my colleagues at CEAD to also facilitate communication and dissemination activities in different languages, to seek out funding opportunities and to establish partnerships for translations. Overall, we are striving to change the way we operate as an organisation: to acknowledge, integrate and make the most of our multi-lingual nature, in order to become a truly global organisation.


Hayley Hassan - Translations Support Officer

I support Cochrane’s translation teams in the effective day-to-day production of translated content, be it troubleshooting or connecting them with interested volunteers. As part of Cochrane’s Communications and External Affairs Department, my other key areas of work are to develop and facilitate our translation teams’ communication and dissemination activities, as well as building and engaging with the translation community. These responsibilities form part of Cochrane’s translation strategy, which was developed with the aim of strengthening our impact in non-English speaking countries. I work closely with Juliane Ried, Cochrane’s Translations Co-ordinator.