Cochrane Council

The new Cochrane Council was established in November 2016 at the recommendation of the Governing Board, following a review in which directly elected Group representatives on the Board were replaced with representatives elected by the full Cochrane membership. The intention of establishing the Council is to ensure that Cochrane Groups retain an effective voice in Cochrane’s leadership and strategic decision-making. The purpose of the Council is to provide:

  • A forum for Cochrane Groups to consider high-level matters affecting Cochrane as a whole;
  • A mechanism to raise matters and provide input to the Governing Board on behalf of Cochrane Groups; and
  • A forum to consider matters at the request of the Board and inform Board deliberations.

The initial Council will primarily include representatives drawn from, or with the recommendation of, the Group Executives. The Council will review and modify its membership over time, adjusting the balance of members, reflecting changes following the Structure and Function review, and bringing in additional members from other sectors of Cochrane’s community such as translators, knowledge translation hubs, etc.

  • The Council Terms of Reference will be confirmed at its first meeting in April 2017 and will be made available here.