The election and appointment of members of the Cochrane Board is governed by our Board policy and electoral procedure.

2016/2017 election

The results have now been declared for the election of four (4) new members of the Cochrane Board. The following candidates have been declared elected:

  1. Janet Clarkson
  2. Gerald Gartlehner
  3. Peter Gøtzsche
  4. Nancy Santesso

As Co-Chairs of the Board, Lisa Bero and Cindy Farquhar would like to welcome these new members to the Board.

Sincere thanks go to all the candidates who stood in this first election to be held under Cochrane’s new Articles of Association, adopted in October 2016. Their contribution and willingness to volunteer their time is greatly appreciated.

The new Articles and electoral polices greatly expanded the eligibility of Cochrane contributors to stand and vote for Board positions, leading to a record number of 1,226 votes received. Details of the votes received and the allocation of preferences are available in this election summary report.

The first face-to-face meeting that new members will attend will be at the Cochrane Mid-Year Meetings in Geneva, Switzerland, on 5-7 April 2017, and the Global Evidence Summit in Cape Town, South Africa, on 10-12 September 2017.

Dates of next election

8 June 2017

Deadline by which candidates must have been active members

8 June 2017

Call for nominations opens

29 June 2017

Nominations close

3 July 2017

Names of candidates announced on Cochrane Community website

10 July 2017

Voting opens

7 August 2017

Voting closes

11 August 2017

Announcement of election results, term of new members begins

10-12 September 2017

First face-to-face Board meeting to be attended by the new members