Updates on Governance Restructure

October 2016
The new Articles of Association were adopted at the Annual General Meeting in October 2016, and the Steering Group approved final policies to implement the new Cochrane Governing Board and Council. The new governance structure will be phased in during 2017. The relevant documents are available on the Resources page.

September 2016
Following consultation in July and August, the Steering Group has made revisions to the governance reform proposals. Thanks to all of you who contributed such thoughtful responses to this project.

The final proposed amendments to the Articles of Association will be circulated to Cochrane Groups in late September in the agenda and papers for the Annual General Meeting, to be held at the Seoul Colloquium in late October. The associated policy documents (including the final electoral procedures and job descriptions for the Board, and the terms of reference for the Council) will be circulate as open access papers for the Steering Group meeting, also to be held in Seoul. All documentation will also be posted to this website.

Should the proposals be successfully endorsed in Seoul, implementation and the first Board election under the new rules will begin in November 2016.

July 2016
During 2016, the Cochrane Steering Group has been developing a proposal for the transition to a new governance structure for Cochrane, including a transition from the Steering Group structure to a new Cochrane Governing Board.

Following an initial round of consultation in February and March, the proposals were the subject of detailed and very productive discussions at the Mid-Year Meetings in London in April (see documents on the Resources page). An amended proposal has now been drafted, along with more detailed plans for amendments to Cochrane’s Articles of Association and the establishment of a Cochrane Council.

This proposal arises from a review of governance that the Steering Group conducted during 2015. Key aims for the new Board include ensuring that its membership reflects Cochrane as an evolving organization and our environment; supporting the Board's role in making decisions on behalf of Cochrane as a whole; opening the membership to bring in external perspectives and valuable skills; and refreshing our electoral procedures.

The current Steering Group believes that the proposed changes will deliver improved governance for Cochrane, while ensuring that Cochrane Groups and contributors retain an active and effective voice in Cochrane's leadership and direction.

Consultation and next steps
All Cochrane Groups and individual contributors are invited to discuss and have input into the current proposal. Final decisions on how to proceed will be made at the Steering Group meeting and Annual General Meeting at the Cochrane Colloquium in Seoul in October 2016.

Cochrane Group Executives are asked to lead these discussions and collate feedback among their constituents. All contributors are invited to contribute their feedback through the Execs, where applicable. Written feedback from the Execs should be submitted to Miranda Cumpston, Head of Learning and Support at the Cochrane Central Executive by Tuesday, 23 August.

Authors and other individual contributors are also invited to submit feedback directly via this online survey by Tuesday, 23 August.

All feedback received by this deadline will be collated and used to finalise documents for the Colloquium. The new Articles of Association will be put to the membership for ratification at the AGM, and the detailed policy documents will be considered for a decision by the Steering Group.


16 Feb - 17 March

 Initial consultation led by Group Execs

18 March

 Deadline for initial feedback

19 March - 1 April

 Initial feedback circulated to CSG and Group Execs

4-5 April

 Mid-Year Meetings of Execs & Co-ordinating Editors Board

5 April

 Strategic Session on governance reform

6-8 April

 CSG Meeting discusses amendments to proposal

3o June

CSG Meeting discusses updated proposal

22 July - mid-August

Final consultation on proposal

1 September

CSG Meeting to discuss final amendments.

3 October

Deadline for circulation of papers for the AGM

24-27 October

 Seoul Colloquium. Final vote on Articles of Association at AGM, and Steering Group decision on detailed proposals.


If approved, implementation of changes begins.

Mar 2016 Cochrane consultation on governance reform: deadline 18 March