Internal candidate election

Election of internal members of the Governing Board: Results

The 2017 election of internal members of the Governing Board has now concluded, and Cochrane members have elected the following two candidates for a term of three years:

Candidate Votes  
Burton, Martin 117  
Dellavalle, Robert 127  
Howe, Tracey 161 Elected
Meerpohl, Joerg 172 Elected


Tracey Howe is Director of the Cochrane Global Ageing Field and is based in Glasgow, UK. Joerg Meerpohl is a serving Board member who has now been re-elected. He is Co-Director of Cochrane Germany and is based in Freiburg.
Sincere thanks go to all the candidates who stood in this election; their contribution and willingness to volunteer their time is greatly appreciated.
All Cochrane members were entitled to vote in this election so the low voter turnout should be noted. The Board will therefore be considering mechanisms to promote increased candidate and voter participation in future elections.
For details on all elections and appointments to the Governing Board, please see the main Elections page.
Questions about any aspect of this process should be sent to