CRG Networks - Frequently Asked Questions

Following its meeting in Cape Town in September 2017, Cochrane’s Governing Board approved the Structure and Function of Cochrane Review Groups: Implementation of the Networks and Editorial Board Plan.

Following extensive analysis, consultation, and debate on CRG reforms that have taken place in recent years, and with a clear steer from the Governing Board, this Implementation Plan sets out the changes we will be making to ensure Cochrane addresses the challenges it faces in relation to the production of a comprehensive collection of timely, high-quality reviews, relevant to our stakeholders.

During last few months we have spoken with the vast majority of CRGs who have asked many questions about what this means for you and the future functionality of CRGs. Here are a summary of those frequently asked questions and answers from the Structure and Function Project Team.

These Q/As will be regularly updated and reviewed here as part of ongoing engagement with the Cochrane Community. If you have further questions, please submit them to this email address, and one of the Project Team will respond to your enquiry:

We will continue to fully engage with you and your Group over the next few weeks and months as we work closely with all members of the CRG community in our planned implementation. Regular communications will follow on this portal ahead of the launch of our eight thematic review networks as well as the bi-weekly Group Digests.

FAQs relevant to the implementation of Networks and Editorial Board