ME Support Digest


  • Issue 2, March: Copy editing policy, Revised Conflict of Interest Policy for Peer Reviewers (Referees), Updating Classification System, Screening Notes: common issues in Summary of Findings tables and how to address them, Correction on link in last month’s Digest on workflows, Cochrane Methods Training - GRADE & GRADE CERQual, Notification process for changes to Cochrane Groups, Covidence updates webinars, Welcome and other news.
  • Issue 1, February: Republish requests; Standard workflow task emals; Reviews without workflows; Pending, Not Started workflows; Recent changes to Archie, v. 4.13; Queries to the Funding Arbiter; Updating Conflict of Interest declarations in Archie; Tips and Tricks: Email link for LfP forms to authors; Welcome/farewell and other news.


  • Issue 8, December: Check What's new events when republishing reviews; Resolving duplicate person records in Archie; The Reviews and Methods Digest; Transfer Workflow Roles; Managing Editors' Portal; Funding opportunities; Welcome and other news; ME Support over December/January holiday.
  • Issue 7, November: Archie 4.12 What's New; Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update: Explaining Cochrane Review DOIs and URLs, Updating Classification System (UCS), Archie records for deceased authors; New versions of the Licence for Publication forms; Tips and Tricks: the Review Citation Wizard in Archie; Reminder: highlight a review from your CRG in the Cochrane Library; Reminder: instructions for submitting a request to Copy Edit Support; Reminder: results of the Cochrane Review Group peer review survey 2016; Welcome/Farewell and other News.
  • Issue 6, October: Book a session with ME Support in Seoul; ME Support email address; Changes to the open access policy; Changes to the licence for publication forms; CrossCheck webinars available on Training website; Methods Training Event on GRADE, 5-7 December 2016; Tracked changes left in the published review; Welcome/Farewell and other News.
  • Issue 5, September: Spot the difference?; Updating Classification System (UCS); Cochrane Colloquium, Seoul; Resolving duplicates in Archie; A refresher on Conflict of interest (CoI) declarations for Editors; Welcome/Farewell and other News.
  • Issue 4, July: Updating Classification System (UCS); Changes related to the Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy (EPPR); Systematic reviews update; Cochrane Style Manual (formerly known as Cochrane Style Guide).
  • Issue 3, June: Did you know…?; Opening a RevMan file with lots of included studies; The Status of Protocols changed to Withdrawn; A few tips when using EPPI-Reviewer; Archie Training server database updated; Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update.
  • Issue 2, February: Summary of Findings Table webinar; Save the date: Cochrane Trainers’ Week virtual conference; Archie Document and Role permissions; Did you know…?; Covidence webinar; Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update.
  • Issue 1, January: Questions on summary of findings tables; Cochrane Reviews with funding from the National Institute of Health Research (NIH), USA; Translation services available for authors; Archie release 4.11; Plagiarism webinars and survey.


  • Issue 12, December: New advanced searches available in Archie; Christmas factoids; Managing Editor (ME) Support cover over Christmas/New Year.
  • Issue 11, November: Unsigned License for Publication forms delaying publication; Updated sections to the Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR).
  • Issue 10, October: Highlighted reviews on the Cochrane Library website; Connection problems logging into Archie; Future planned training days for MEs; New forms available from the Editorial Resources Committee (ERC).
  • Issue 9, September: 2015 Colloquium in Vienna; Workshops for MEs; Cochrane Updating Classification System (UCS): helping readers and editors understand the status of reviews; Peer Review for Cochrane Reviews; Workshop for Managing Editors and Assistant Managing Editors; Cochrane Exchange.
  • Issue 8, August: Vienna Colloquium; What’s New events to select when publishing an updated review; Archie records for Inactive or past contributors; Post-publication issues and queries; Conflict of interest forms for the editorial team; New reference for GRADEpro software; NIH Manuscript submission; The International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) membership.
  • Issue 7, June: What’s New in Archie?; Colloquium early bird registration deadline; Standardising Roles in Archie; Review Group Summary Report; Tip from the User Experience Group (UXG); ‘Get involved’ request suggestion for potential contributors; Communications Network Weekly Digest.
  • Issue 6, January: Update on CrossCheck training; new guide on which 'What's New' events to select when publishing a protocol or review; Archie Training Server; UserVoice feedback widget; Updating Classification System project update; updates to the Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource; Becky Gray’s Archie award; posting job opportunities for MEs.


  • Issue 5, September: ME Support at the Colloquium; Changes to ME Support team; Contacting ME Support; MEs’ section of the Cochrane Training website; new plagiarism policy and planned training for CrossCheck; Archie and copy-editors; Cochrane Style Guide update; link to an open access webinar recording; ALPSP webinar on managing editorial outreach and quality in a global environment.

  • Issue 4, June: Archie 4.5 release; RevMan 5.3 public beta version; embargo on publishing Cochrane Reviews between 6 and 10 June; webinars on workflows and other training events; posting copies of Cochrane Reviews to ResearchGate; standardizing the entry of Canadian province data in Archie; and changes to ME Support.

  • Issue 3, March: Training update, including on the training needs assessment; ME Support evaluation; ME Portal update; feedback due on the CRG Structure and Function document; “How to…” reminder; Symbols/special characters in Cicgrabe Reviews; publishing a review as “updated” and “stable”; reminder about including Cochrane Reviews in PubMed Central.

  • Issue 2, January: Archie 4.3 release; changes to licence for publication forms; gold open access for Cochrane Review; reminder about ME Support; ME Support evaluation; training events for MEs; new ME Support posts; The Cochrane Library Technology Roadmap webinars


  • Issue 1, September: Quebec City Colloquium; new ME Support posts; training needs assessment; new policy resources; CEU screening of new intervention reviews; reminder about reviews delayed for publication because of missing licence for publication forms; Archie 4.1