Strategy to 2020

Cochrane Strategy to 2020

Strategy to 2020 aims to put Cochrane evidence at the heart of health decision-making all over the world.

It defines how we intend to accomplish this and provides a framework for Cochrane’s future decision-making,
helping us respond to the strategic opportunities and challenges that we face in the next decade and beyond.
It is the result of a collaborative process undertaken by our global network of contributors; and represents the
collective vision of the organization to 2020 that relies on those contributors to ensure its success.

Links to the PDF versions of the Strategy to 2020 documents can be found further below.

What will success by 2020 mean for Cochrane?

The Senior Management Team has recently released a document that provides the Governing Board, and the wider Cochrane community, with a definition of success for each of the Strategy to 2020 Objectives; an assessment of predicted progress by the end of 2017; and a framework for establishing the work remaining to be done to reach that definition of success. This document is intended to be relevant until 2020, but developed and updated as work is completed and the organization adapts to new circumstances.

Definitions of Success by 2020

Defining Cochrane’s success - an interview with our CEO

2018 Priorities

Proposed 2018 Strategy to 2020 Priorities

2018 Plan and Budget

The Strategy to 2020 Targets for 2018 will be made available early in 2018

The Strategy to 2020 in 2017 - Targets:

2017 will take us to the mid-point of the Strategy to 2020.  It will be another year of delivery and continuity, focusing particularly on the implementation and output phases of already established projects that featured as Targets in 2016. For this reason, there are a reduced number of Targets this year – we are not starting new work. Cochrane’s focus will be on demonstrating to our stakeholders – the users of our evidence, our contributors, our partners and funders - the outcomes and tangible benefits that the implementation of Strategy to 2020 is bringing to their experience with Cochrane year on year.

Together, the Central Executive Team and Cochrane Groups will:


  1. Complete the development of RevMan Web and begin phased implementation for Cochrane Reviews.
  2. Complete the Transform project.
  3. Complete the delivery of a programme of training and accreditation for editors.


  1. Improve the process of producing translations to make it easier for Cochrane translators and editors.
  2. Define an organization-wide framework for knowledge translation activities.


  1. Complete the first-phase delivery of an enhanced Cochrane Library in English and Spanish.
  2. Host a successful Global Evidence Summit.


  1. Begin implementation of the approved Cochrane Review Group transformation programme, and finalize remaining proposals for organizational Structure & Function reforms.
  2. Launch a Cochrane membership scheme.
  3. Complete implementation of the approved governance reforms.

Further documents:

A reminder of the structure of the Strategy to 2020

There are various ways in which strategic plans can be structured; and planning structures and terminology are used differently by different organizations. Cochrane’s Strategy to 2020 has been developed with the following structure:

Vision > Mission > Goals > Objectives > Targets > Workplans:

  • Vision: Outlines what the organization wants the world in which it operates to be.
  • Mission: Defines the fundamental purpose of the organization, describing why it exists and what it does to achieve its vision.
  • Goals: Establish the desired endpoints for achieving the mission.
  • Objectives: Describe the ways in which goals will be operationalized and achieved.
  • Targets: Represent the tangible stepping-stones on the path towards the achievement of an objective. An objective may have one or many targets that must be fulfilled to achieve it.
  • Workplans: Set out how the targets will be achieved.

The Cochrane Community responds to Strategy to 2020

Cochrane's 2016 Annual General Meeting, held in Seoul during our annual Colloquium, included a Special Session where the Cochrane Community had the opportunity to share their stories of responding to the challenges of Strategy to 2020. As well as live presentations from a selection of Cochrane Groups from around the world, the session included this video highlighting just a few stories among many of what Strategy to 2020 means to Cochrane Groups and their work within local contexts.

Feedback on the Strategy to 2020 by Cochrane contributors or external stakeholders can be provided by email to Lucie Binder, Senior Advisor to the CEO at

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