Resources for Organizational Structure and Function

Here we provide the documentation relating to the structure and function review of Cochrane Groups which has been ongoing since 2013. Any future reports will be added to this list of resources. For information on the latest developments and decisions, please see the Updates page for this project.

December 2016

At its meeting during the Seoul Colloquium in October 2016, Cochrane’s Governing Board (previously Steering Group) gave its full support for the recommendations in the Structure and Function paper relating to review production and impact. In addition, the Board strongly recommended the appointment of a project team, to facilitate and expedite the initial work relating to review quality, with a view to ensuring visible progress by the time of the mid-year meeting in April 2017. David Tovey reports on progress so far and what is planned for the next upcoming 3 months in this update report.

October 2016: Extraordinary Board Meeting to discuss Structure and Function

There was an Extraordinary Board Meeting involving Co-ordinating Editors, Information Specialists, Managing Editors, and Methods Group representatives to discuss Structure and Function. The meeting took place Sunday, 23 October, during the Seoul Colloquium and the full agenda is available.

October 2016: CET Structure and Function Papers
Following the Steering Group’s decisions at its meeting in April 2016 in London to proceed with organizational structure and function changes to help Cochrane meet its Strategy to 2020 objectives and goals, the Central Executive Team have put together a series of papers which set out in more detail the proposed changes to be implemented.

October 2016: Centres Structure and Function Implementation

Documents in support of the implementation of the changes to structure and function of Cochrane Centres and Branches are now available at the Centres Portal section of this site. In due course, these documents will be incorporated into the Cochrane organisational policy manual, which is due to be relaunched shortly.

July 2016: Structure and Function Review of Cochrane Centres, Branches and Networks Paper Finalised and Approved
Cochrane has adopted and begun implementing the recommendations of its Structure and Function Review of Cochrane Centres, Branches and Networks to meet the needs of its Strategy to 2020, expand its geographic profile and activities, and increase its impact on health decision-making in more countries and regions over the next decade.
This is the Implementing Strategy to 2020: Cochrane Centres, Branches and Networks document.

London mid-year April 2016
•    At this meeting the CSG considered a paper proposing some overarching changes to Cochrane Groups. More information on this and an open access paper are available here.
•    Also at this meeting the methods community considered the proposals coming from their structure and function review. These documents will be available here soon.

Vancouver CSG meeting Jan 2016
•    The CSG considered a range of ideas at their meeting in Vancouver. Following feedback these ideas were then further developed for the proposals at the London Mid-Year Meeting.

Vienna Colloquium Sept 2015
•    At the Vienna Colloquium the Centres and Branches, Fields, and Consumer Network all considered proposals for change from their individual structure and function reviews. After this meeting we provided an overview updating the community on progress.
•    Centres and Branches
•    Fields
•    Consumer Network

Panama mid-year meeting March 2014
•    The CRG structure and function review was presented at the Panama meeting.

Report of the Panama strategic session (April 2014)


 Further details on the process of the CRG structure and function review are available here:

CRG consultation feedback report (October 2016)

Summary of responses to consultation (March 2014)

Options exploration and consultation paper (February 2014)

Internal Advisory Group: summary of meetings (December 2013)

Internal Advisory Group: aims and objectives (December 2013)

Internal Advisory Group: membership (November 2013)

Interviews with Cochrane leaders: interviewees (November 2013)

Interviews with Cochrane leaders: summary of findings (November 2013)