Updates on Organizational Structure and Function

February 2017

Audit report of published abstracts and Summary of findings tables

December 2016

Structure and Function Review Update

October 2016

The Cochrane Steering Group (CSG) approved the structure and function recommendations. For CRGs, the CSG will work closely to support the Editor in Chief on the CRG sustainability review, and will provide support in completing this review in a shorter timeline.

August 2016

The four webinars outlining the Structure and Function impact on Networks, Centres and Branches have now been completed, but we still welcome feedback from the community. For those of you who were unable to attend a webinar, or who would like to view the presentation again, there is a recording of the webinar below along with a PDF of the slides used. If you have any questions or feedback in relation to the Structure and Function review of Networks, Centres and Branches then please contact Mark Wilson, mwilson@cochrane.org or Chris Champion, cchampion@cochrane.org.Slides of the presentation (PDF)




July 2016


The Centres, Branches and Networks Structure and Function review paper has been finalised in June 2016 and is available here.

Structure and Function webinar


April 2016

Structure and Function review - next steps.