Introduction on Knowledge Translation Strategy

The Cochrane Strategy to 2020 clearly positions us as an organization that communicates outwardly to achieve better uptake of evidence in health care. A particular objective is to "… build greater recognition of Cochrane’s role as an essential link between primary research and health decision-making."  Although many Cochrane contributors are already involved in knowledge translation activities locally and within their own specialty, we are aware that we need a more comprehensive and consistent approach across the organization, and to consider the role of Cochrane evidence in the context of other available resources in order to maximize the impact of our work.

The Cochrane Knowledge Translation Strategy will define the role of knowledge translation for Cochrane, provide a framework to coordinate these activities across the organization, and support those who are well-placed to undertake this role.

Cochrane KT Working Group members

The Cochrane KT Working Group members are a range of internal and external stakeholders. We are delighted to have such a tremendous range of skills and expertise involved in this work.

The working group is co-chaired by:

  • Rachel Churchill (Co-ordinating Editor, Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group)
  • Sally Green (Co-Director, Cochrane Australia)
  • Denise Thomson (Co-Director, Cochrane Child Health). 

Supported by:

  • Chris Champion (Senior Programme Manager, CEO’s Office, Cochrane Central Executive) 

The working group members include:

  • Rebecca Armstrong (Co-ordinating Editor, Cochrane Public Health)
  • Martin Burton (Director, Cochrane UK)
  • Agustín Ciapponi (Director, Centro Cochrane Argentino)
  • Maureen Dobbins (Scientific Director, National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT), McMaster University)
  • Sylvia de Haan (Partnerships Co-ordinator, Cochrane CET). 
  • Sophie Hill (Co-ordinating Editor, Cochrane Consumers and Communication Group)
  • John Lavis (Canada Research Chair in Evidence-Informed Health Systems, McMaster University)
  • Craig Lockwood (Director Implementation Science, The Joanna Briggs Institute)
  • Martin Marshall (Professor of Healthcare Improvement, UCL)
  • Pierre Ongolo-Zogo (Associate Professor, University of Yaoundé)
  • Sally Redman (CEO, Sax Institute)
  • Karla Soares-Weiser (Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Cochrane and Cochrane Innovations, Cochrane CET)
  • Julie Wood (Head of Communications and External Affairs, Cochrane CET) 
  • Taryn Young (Director, Centre for Evidence-based Health Care, Stellenbosch University)