Introduction on Enhanced Cochrane Library

The Enhanced Cochrane Library project is all about developing a new platform to improve user experience. We are working with Wiley, our publisher, and a third-party technology provider, to build and deliver an enhanced product with greater functionality that makes it easier for users to discover and use Cochrane content in their decision-making.

We are redeveloping all aspects of the Cochrane Library platform to improve user experience. The work is divided into many different areas, each a building block towards the enhanced Cochrane Library. The first area we have worked on together is the display of the Cochrane Review. Other areas include the display of CENTRAL, linking of the CDSR and CENTRAL, the search and discovery interface, and multi-language search and the display of non-English language content. Researching user needs and stakeholder insights is a key component of development. We are doing this research through one-to-one user testing with Cochrane Library users and focus groups with members of the Cochrane community.

This project will form a major contribution to our Strategy to 2020 goal of making Cochrane the ‘home of evidence’ to inform health decision-making, building greater recognition of our work, and becoming the leading advocate for evidence-informed health care.