October 2016

We want to share some exciting news about changes in development for the Cochrane Library! We are developing an enhanced Cochrane Library with greater functionality that makes it easier for users to discover and use Cochrane content in their decision-making. Over the course of this year, we are redeveloping all aspects of the Cochrane Library to improve user experience.

The first changes will roll out in early 2017 and include: enhancements to the display and new features for Cochrane Reviews and other articles; enhancements to CENTRAL; linking of the CDSR and CENTRAL; new search and discovery interface.

We will also be including a new Spanish version of the Cochrane Library, incorporating the translated Cochrane Review content from La Bibliotheca Cochrane Plus, with a dedicated search functionality The Cochrane Library will also incorporate Cochrane Clinical Answers, with over 1200 articles linked to Cochrane Reviews. Finally, a federated search feature will enable searches of other systematic reviews via Epistemonikos.

This project will form a major contribution to our Strategy to 2020 goal of making Cochrane the ‘home of evidence’ to inform health decision-making, building greater recognition of our work, and becoming the leading advocate for evidence-informed health care.

The Cochrane Library will maintain its familiar look-and-feel while improving the overall user experience. Researching user needs and stakeholder insights is a key component of development. We are doing this research through one-to-one user testing with Cochrane Library users and focus groups with members of the Cochrane community.

We are also taking this opportunity to remove several databases (DARE, HTA, EED) from the Cochrane Library collection as they are no longer being updated or were not well used currently. The Cochrane Methodology Register will be migrated and archived on the Cochrane Methods website. The About The Cochrane Collaboration database will also be retired; further information for groups currently published modules will be circulated in the next few weeks.

2017 is the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the Cochrane Library. We look forward to working with you to ensure it provides the best possible experience for our users. More information will follow as we near a launch date in early 2017.

Any questions please contact Deborah Pentesco-Gilbert, Editorial Director, Wiley, or Harriet MacLehose, Senior Editor, Cochrane.