Updates on Knowledge Translation Strategy

September 2017
The Cochrane KT implementation plan was presented to the Board and approved during its meeting in Cape Town, and is available to read here.

April 2017
The Cochrane KT Strategy is being presented for Board approval at the Mid-Year Meeting in Geneva, and is available to read here.

November 2016
We would like to thank everyone who contributed to and participated in our Knowledge Translation (KT) symposium at the Cochrane Colloquium in Seoul. It was a huge success. We have had very positive feedback on the quality of the presentations in the first half, and the small group work that followed in the second half was highly productive and has provided a rich source of data for us to work on the final drafting of the strategy.

We appreciate that not everyone could make it to the Symposium, so we are making the presentations available online for you to read. We hope this is of some use to those of you who were not present.

There were a series of 12-minute presentations on KT from the perspective of different audiences to set the scene and provide context for discussion of our KT strategy. In the list below we link to the presentations where they are available.

Speakers and perspectives as follows:               

  1. Jeremy Grimshaw - KT for clinicians
  2. Richard Morley - KT for consumers/ citizens
  3. John Lavis - KT for policy makers
  4. Maureen Dobbins - KT for Public Health
  5. Davina Ghersi - KT for researchers, guideline developers, and research funders
  6. Agustín Ciapponi - KT in LMICs and in non-English settings