In preparation for the Cochrane Board meeting in March 2018 in Lisbon, an update paper has been prepared to inform about the work with our external partners. Some of the key developments to note:

  • Cochrane South Africa hosted the Global Evidence Summit, jointly with Cochrane and partners. Many of the sessions were organised jointly with various groups at WHO, and with G-I-N, Campbell, JBI and consumer organisations.
  • The get involved pages on Wikipedia have been updated, and all existing references to Cochrane reviews on English Wikipedia have been replaced by a reference to the most recent review, and any changes in conclusions were verified. A bot on editing work done by all Cochrane volunteers recruited through TaskExchange, as well as our Wikipedia consultant, shows the results of the continued Wikipedia work.
  • Following the training session organised by Cochrane at WHO in April 2017 (at the occasion of the mid-year meeting), WHO requested additional training which was provided by several Cochrane Groups (including Cochrane Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and others) in December. The training focused on Cochrane systematic reviews; GRADE; Network Meta-analysis; diagnostic test guidelines, and other topics.
  • We continued using Task Exchange for work with external partners: most notably, G-I-N and Wikipedia. For G-I-N we have developed a dedicated entry point to TaskExchange, which was launched at GES and which we will continue to promote. For Wikipedia, we are using TaskExchange to recruit additional volunteers.

The annex in the paper provides a detailed overview per partner, also specifying the plans for the coming months. For further information please contact Sylvia de Haan (Senior Advisor, External Affairs, Partnership, Fundraising).

Cochrane organizational partnership information: