About Cochrane Crowd

Cochrane Crowd will address the challenge of finding pathways so potential new contributors can participate in Cochrane. Whilst some who want to get involved in Cochrane manage to join an author team, many find this difficult or a greater commitment than they can sustain. Much effort is expended by Managing Editors trying to help people find a way to get involved.

Cochrane Crowd will create more opportunities to get involved by enabling new contributors to complete simple tasks linked to brief online training and allowing these activities to contribute to an online profile.

And as more and more health research is published every day, our Crowd contributors will help us meet the growing challenge of identifying the research we need to produce high-quality and up-to-date health evidence.

As part of the Cochrane Crowd platform, we are also developing Cochrane ClassMate, an innovative new online tool. Trainers and educators will be able to use Cochrane ClassMate to create exciting activities for learning about evidence synthesis. You can read more about it in our Resources section.

What tasks are available?

Cochrane Crowd will offer a range of ‘micro’ tasks, aimed at identifying and describing the evidence.

The first phase of Cochrane Crowd has been launched with the RCT identification task ready to go. Additional tasks to be rolled out during 2016 include DTA identification and RCT description tasks.


Crowd features

For more information on Cochrane Crowd contact us at crowd@cochrane.org.

What is Cochrane Crowd infographic


Cochrane Crowd pathways infographic