The User Experience Group (UXG) is a single small group of Central Executive staff, replacing all past software committees. Unlike the old committees, it is not based on representation for individual constituencies, but members are chosen to ensure broad experience across the organisation. Consultation beyond the UXG will still be of critical importance, and is intended to happen primarily through the various Executives. Our key principles will be value, efficiency and transparency.


The current membership of the User Experience Group comprises:

  • Jacob Riis (User Experience Lead, IKMD)
  • Miranda Cumpston (Senior Training Co-ordinator, CEU)
  • Ruth Foxlee (Information Specialist, CEU)
  • Toby Lasserson (Senior Editor, CEU)
  • Chris Mavergames (Head of Department, IKMD)
  • Harriet McLehose (Senior Editor, CEU)
  • Nancy Owens (Web Content and Social Media Editor, CEAD)