Support for RevMan 5

In this RevMan Support section you may find the following information:

  • FAQ - Check if your question has been already answered
  • Known issues - Bugs and other known problems in RevMan
  • Problem Reporting Form - let the development team know of any problems or bugs you're experiencing

Other types of Support available for RevMan 5

For both technical and general support, an individual author should first contact their Cochrane Review Group (CRG) Managing Editor. They will either direct the author to an appropriate source of help within the CRG or, if necessary, contact the group's reference Cochrane Centre. Centres are not able to deal with direct queries from individual reviewers. In order to receive support from a Review Group, you must be a member of a registered CRG. 

Requests for technical support from the RevMan team at the Informatics & Technology (IT) Services should be sent to: Please remember that this address is intended for requests that require technical knowledge beyond that which could be expected of your Review Group.

Workshops focusing on using RevMan are intended for those who have already attended review protocol workshops. Cochrane Centres run workshops to train reviewers in using RevMan.

Our development efforts are now focused on RevMan Web, so we are no longer accepting feature requests for RevMan 5.