About RevMan Web

What is RevMan Web?

RevMan Web is a web-based platform for preparing and maintaining Cochrane Reviews. This browser-based version of RevMan will work across all platforms, be installation-free, and automatically updated. Featuring an improved and modernised workspace and user interface, RevMan Web will offer a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience.

RevMan Web is built on a completely new backend that is designed to let data flow easily within the systematic review ecosystem. This is a strategic, long-term move by Cochrane to enable:

  • New analysis methods and content
  • Strong Integration with other systematic review production software, e.g. Covidence, GradePro, LinkedData, and CRS
  • A modern, adaptive user interface 

To work with RevMan Web on Cochrane reviews, the user must have a Cochrane Account and write access to a review in Archie.

When is it coming?

RevMan Web will be available for selected beta testers by the end of 2017. The initial version will have basic functionality to write intervention reviews. Based on the roadmap and input from users, RevMan Web will be constantly improved. Enhancements and new functionality are implemented by the Review Production Team in Cochrane IKMD and will be introduced on the <link>Updates</link> page. More users will be invited as experience shows that RevMan Web can replace RevMan 5 until it is available to all.

Currently, RevMan 5 and RevMan Web are fully compatible, and you will be able to go back and forth between RevMan Web and RevMan 5 while working on your review. However, certain new features on our roadmap will not be compatible with RevMan 5, and will mean that the review can no longer be edited in RevMan 5.

What does the future look like?

RevMan Web allows us to improve the review writing process in ways RevMan 5 cannot. The roadmap for RevMan Web below shows the order in which new value for Cochrane will be implemented in RevMan Web.

RevMan Web Roadmap

Covidence integration
Covidence is Cochrane's partner tool for screening and data extraction. Integrating RevMan Web with Covidence helps fulfil the goal to streamline the review production process and will allow authors to switch easily between the systems.

Improved pairwise meta-analysis
Improving the analysis methods used in RevMan to keep up with current state of the art is crucial to maintain a high level of respect for the evidence Cochrane authors produce.

Risk of bias 2.0
The best analysis in the world cannot create valuable evidence if the data are not reliable. Updating the risk of bias tool to version 2.0, recently approved by the scientific committee, will help Cochrane authors produce evidence of high quality.
Not all reviews can rely on randomised trials alone. The ROBINS-I assessment tool was developed to enable Cochrane authors to assess the risk of bias in non-randomised studies. We plan to incorporate ROBINS-I in RevMan Web

Network meta-analyses
RevMan 5 only supports pairwise comparisons of interventions. Often there are more than two interventions to compare against each other. Introducing network meta-analysis in RevMan Web enables a more integrated view of the evidence in these cases.  

Offline mode
RevMan 5 will continue to work as offline desktop application but in the future, we also want to allow authors to work in RevMan Web even when they temporarily have no internet connection.