Updates on RevMan Web

Attending the Seoul Colloquium 23-27 October 2016?

We'd like to update you on RevMan-related activities at the Colloquium and how you can get involved.

RevMan Web is the first major redesign of Cochrane's Review Manager software since 2008. In a major shift, RevMan Web will be browser- and cloud-based software; no installation will be required, and it will feature regular, seamless updating.

A beta test of RevMan Web will begin in April 2017. Ahead of this, the Colloquium provides our development team with valuable face-to-face contact with our users. We will feature demonstrations of the new software in Seoul, and opportunities to use the software first-hand, which will provide valuable initial insight to the team.

  • You can catch live demonstrations of the software on Sunday 23 October (15:40) and Tuesday 25 October (13:30) at the Cochrane Community Stand.
  • Speak to one of the CET team, or view presentations and posters, at the Cochrane Community Stand.
  • Join intimate user testing sessions - visit tinyurl.com/rmwebtest to book.

With RevMan Web, we are offering a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience, which will also be accessible on devices other than traditional PC set-ups. RevMan Web will ensure you're always up to date and your work secure. We look forward to introducing the next generation of RevMan to our users.

From the IKMD Mid-Year Report, March 2016

2016 Target 5. New authoring infrastructure: We will revolutionize our authoring infrastructure by completing the move of RevMan 5 and the Cochrane Register of Studies online with the release of beta versions into general use; and ensuring that 85% of reviews moving beyond the protocol publication stage use Covidence or EPPI-Reviewer from October 2016.

RevMan Web is a browser-based version of RevMan 5. The primary objectives behind the shift online are: to enable Cochrane to quickly adapt to new review methods and content; eliminate local installation by users, thereby allowing regular, automatic updates; to link and integrate with more software (such as Covidence and CRS); and to improve and modernise the user interface, making it a more intuitive and simpler user experience.

RevMan Web moves away from its predecessor RevMan 5, which was designed around the structure of the review as a document, towards a tool with the study as the key data element, structured to focus on the different tasks required to complete a review, and integrating more seamlessly with the different tools authors need to complete each task.

The RevMan Web team is on course to deliver a limited beta by the end of 2016, at which point all CRG staff, trainers and other key users will be able to try the new system and become familiar with it well in advance of the launch to authors. The beta version will handle intervention reviews only, and will retain the capabilities of the current RevMan 5 set-up. Following the conclusion of the beta, likely in the first quarter of 2017, a first generation live version will be released, with an additional new Author Dashboard that will help authors find and work on their review titles.

RevMan 5 will remain a fully-supported alternative for the first full year after the launch of the first generation live version, with complete backward compatibility between RevMan 5 and RevMan Web, so that author teams can continue to use either version. Retaining this backward compatibility will limit the introduction of new methods capabilities and changes to the structure of reviews.

The second generation version of RevMan Web is planned for 2018 release, which will then support improved production processes and include new methods capabilities. The desktop RevMan 5 software will be fully phased out around the release of the second generation.