Online Learning is available for all authors of intervention reviews. This can be found at

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Introduction to Cochrane Reviews.


Cochrane runs regular face-to-face training workshops for authors of Cochrane Reviews at introductory and advanced levels.

Cochrane group staff

  • Training resources for entity staff, such as managing editors, trial search coordinators and others, can be found on the Cochrane Training website.
  • Other resources, such as forms, guides and discussion forums, can be accessed via the Cochrane Community site (login required).

Users of The Cochrane Library

  • Our free abstracts and summaries are accessible on this website. 
  • About The Cochrane Library provides information on free access for residents in a number of countries, how to order The Cochrane Library and how to use it (user guides in multiple languages, online tutorials and more).
  • The Cochrane Library Users' Group (CLUG) provides a forum for discussion of usability, readability, searchability and formatting issues related to the use of The Cochrane Library.
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