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Agreements between journals and the CDSR for co-publication of Cochrane Reviews

Some journals have indicated that they would like to publish abridged versions of Cochrane Reviews. In the past these have been informal agreements, but from 2010 onwards co-publication agreements need to be formalized between the editor of the journal, the Editor in Chief of the Cochrane Library, and Wiley (the publisher of the Cochrane Library). A list of journals that have signed a Cochrane co-publication agreement is available (Appendix 3). Journal editors interested in arranging a Cochrane co-publication agreement should contact the Editor in Chief of the Cochrane Library. A template for a co-publication agreement is available (Appendix 7).

Authors should be aware that, even if such an agreement is in place, the Cochrane Review article is likely to go through the journal’s own peer review and editorial process (in addition to the Cochrane Review Group’s processes). CRGs are encouraged to work with journal editorial teams that maintain a co-publication agreement, so that the process can be made as efficient as possible.

Authors who submit an abridged Cochrane Review to a journal with a Cochrane co-publication agreement do not need to request permission from the Cochrane Review publishers (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.) to republish, but they do need to complete the ‘Permission to co-publish’ form (Appendix 2) and send this to the CRG’s Managing Editor. If permission is granted, the CRG should forward the completed form to the CEU for their information; contact ceu@cochrane.org and ensure that the subject line of your email clearly states “Co-publication query”. This will help the CEU to track how Cochrane Reviews are being co-published, and this information will help with future revisions of this policy.

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