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Registering titles for new Cochrane Reviews

All proposed Cochrane Reviews must be agreed with the relevant Cochrane Review Group and registered as titles with that Cochrane Review Group. This process is important to prevent duplication of effort and also to make sure the topic is appropriate for a Cochrane Review and complements the existing and ongoing work of the Cochrane Review Group.

How to propose a review and register a title

Authors interested in working on a particular review should refer to the guidance on the steps and principles involved in registering a title on the Cochrane website and in the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions:

Authors are required to complete a Review Proposal Form (formerly called a Title Registration Form) and submit it to the relevant CRG. Review Proposal Forms are available from Cochrane Review Group websites.

Standard title formats

There are standard formats for Cochrane Review titles, as set out in Table 4.2.a of the Cochrane Handbook.

Non-standard titles to are automatically alerted to the Cochrane Editorial Unit, where they will be considered alongside current guidance for title structures in the Cochrane Handbook. The Cochrane Editorial Unit may suggest alternative title formulations, but the final decision on a title rests with Cochrane Review Groups.

Registering a diagnostic test accuracy review

Although Cochrane publishes reviews of diagnostic test accuracy (DTA), not all Cochrane Review Groups are currently registering titles for DTA reviews. Those interested in conducting DTA reviews should contact the relevant Cochrane Review Group and visit the DTA Working Group website.

Managing title registration (for Cochrane Review Groups)

There are standard forms that Cochrane Review Groups may modify and use to receive review proposals from authors. These forms, developed by the Cochrane Editorial Resources Committee, were previously called Title Registration Forms and were renamed Review Proposal Forms in 2013.

On receiving a completed Review Proposal Form, the Review Group Managing Editor will initiate a Title Registration workflow (see workflows section); this workflow is described in a flowchart:

In situations where a Cochrane Review Group editorial team considers a proposed title to be potentially important but outside the scope of their group, they may ask the Cochrane Editorial Unit to assist review author teams in finding an appropriate Cochrane Review Group.

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