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Cochrane Register of Studies (CRS)

The Cochrane Register of Studies (CRS) is both a data repository and a data management tool. As a ‘meta-register’ or repository for Specialised Registers from all Cochrane groups, including Cochrane Review Groups, it provides a central storage facility. The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL) is drawn from the CRS; all Cochrane groups that publish records in CENTRAL do so via the CRS. The CRS is also a powerful management tool which enables Cochrane groups to develop their Specialised Registers and to support literature searching activities for individual Cochrane Reviews.

The CRS automatically synchronises with Review Manager (RevMan), The Cochrane Collaboration’s systematic review authoring software. This enables linking to Cochrane Reviews and Protocols within each group’s CRS segment, and automatically matches the included/excluded studies and their associated reports contained in Cochrane Reviews with corresponding CRS records. Records exported from the CRS are automatically formatted to conform to the Cochrane Style Guide, which will improve consistency of reference formatting within Reviews.

Access to the CRS is currently restricted to Cochrane groups which maintain a Specialised Register. Groups can choose which of their staff members have access to the CRS and the type of tasks they can perform.