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Publication cycle and interaction between Cochrane and publisher systems

The Cochrane Collaboration manages the content for Cochrane Reviews (including protocols and updates) via Archie, our Information Management System (IMS). The publisher, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., interacts with the IMS via a dedicated ‘publisher’s page’.

These figures below show the responsibilities of The Cochrane Collaboration and the publisher. The publication cycle for title registration and the protocol stages is shown in Figure 1, and for the review stage is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1. Review cycle: title registration and protocol stage

Review cycle: title registration and protocol stage

Responsibilities: ˜ Cochrane personnel;  Cochrane technology (e.g. Archie, RevMan); ˜ Publisher personnel;  Publisher technology.


Figure 2. Review cycle: review stage

Review cycle: review stage

Responsibilities: ˜ Cochrane personnel;  Cochrane technology (e.g. Archie, RevMan); ˜● Publisher personnel;  Publisher technology.