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The Cochrane Library complaints procedure

Comment, complaint or appeal?

If you wish to comment on the content of a Cochrane Review or Protocol, please follow our guidance on Submitting comments on Cochrane Reviews. You can send your comment by clicking on the ‘Submit Comments’ button in the Article Tools menu.

The complaint process exists in parallel with the 'comments' process and may be used either if you believe that the comment is of such a serious nature that urgent corrective action is warranted, or if you believe that the usual process has not been satisfactorily managed or resolved. The complaints policy can be found on The Cochrane Library website: https://www.cochranelibrary.com/help/complaints

If you disagee with an editorial decision made about a specific Cochrane Review, protocol for a Cochrane Review or update of a Cochrane Review, please refer to the appeals policy.


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