Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource
Editorial team

Editor in Chief

Dr David Tovey is the first Editor in Chief of the Cochrane Library (since 2009). Dr Tovey heads Cochrane’s central editorial team, the Cochrane Editorial Unit, and is supported by a team of editors and specialist staff.

Information relating to the Editor in Chief’s remit and responsibilities is available. Further information about the Cochrane Editorial Unit, including contact details, is available on the Cochrane Editorial Unit page.

Co-ordinating Editors’ Board

The Co-ordinating Editors’ Board is the decision-making body for the Co-ordinating Editors. The Board meets twice each year usually around March/April and September/October. Some Cochrane Review Groups have more than one Co-ordinating Editor, or a Deputy Co-ordinating Editor. All Co-ordinating Editors may attend the Board meetings, but each Cochrane Review Group has one vote. 

Cochrane Review Groups

Cochrane Review Groups are made up of people who prepare, maintain, and update Cochrane Reviews, and people who support them in this process. Each CRG has an editorial base where a small team of people supports the production of Cochrane Reviews, including a Co-ordinating Editor, Managing Editor, and Trials Search Co-ordinator. Each Cochrane Review Group also has a team of editors (similar to an editorial board) that supports the Co-ordinating Editor(s) and the development of the Cochrane Reviews. CRGs focus on particular areas of health, for example, Breast Cancer, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Infectious Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, or Schizophrenia.

There are currently 52 Cochrane Review Groups located across the globe. Details about each Cochrane Review Group are available.

Specific information on how to set up a Cochrane Review Group and the responsibilities of people within CRGs is available. Editorial responsibilities of Cochrane Review Groups are also available in the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions (section 2.3.7).