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Features aim to increase usage and impact of Cochrane Reviews and to reach new and different audiences.

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Special Collections

The Cochrane Editorial Unit works with colleagues within Cochrane Review Groups to prepare Special Collections of Cochrane Reviews around a particular health topic, for example obesity prevention. The Special Collections generally start with an introduction and include descriptions of, and links to, relevant Cochrane Reviews. Special collections displayed on the homepage of the Cochrane Library website are freely accessible online.

Cochrane Journal Club

Introduced in 2009, the Cochrane Journal Club is a free, monthly publication. For trainees, researchers, and clinicians alike, the Cochrane Journal Club aims to provide users with tools on which to base a journal club session in their institution but it is also used by individuals wishing to become more familiar with a Cochrane Review. Every Cochrane Journal Club article is specially selected from new and updated Cochrane Reviews that represent diverse clinical topics. Each one focuses on a review of special interest, such as practice-changing reviews, new methodology and evidence-based practice. The content highlights clinical or methodological issues raised by the Cochrane Review, and incorporates an extended summary of the review, a series of questions to stimulate discussion, links to related resources, a vignette to provide a contextual example for decision making, biographical information on the review team, a podcast, and a downloadable PowerPoint presentation containing key figures and tables. There is also an option for users of the Journal Club to submit questions to the authors of the review.

The Cochrane Journal Club is a collaborative venture between review authors, our publishers, Professor Mike Clarke (as Podcast and Journal Club editor), Cochrane Informatics and Knowledge Management Department (IKMD), and the Cochrane Editorial Unit.

Podcasts for Cochrane Reviews

Since 2008 and under the guidance of Professor Mike Clarke, authors of new and updated Cochrane Reviews have the opportunity to prepare audio podcasts (Evidence Pods) for their review (currently three to six per month). The podcasts are developed, scripted, and recorded as a collaboration between Professor Clarke, the Cochrane Review authors, the IKMD and Cochrane Editorial Unit. Podcasts are located on Cochrane.org and are also freely available on the Apple store within iTunes. See the section on dissemination to suggest a Cochrane Review for podcasting.

Smartphone/iPad applications

The free Cochrane Library iPad application features monthly issues of Cochrane Reviews selected by the Editor in Chief and specifically abridged to provide the best possible display reading experience. The reviews are enriched with the addition of multimedia content, including podcasts, videos and slide decks.  Further information is available on the Cochrane Library website.

The smartphone applications from Skyscape feature Cochrane Reviews by Cochrane Review Group for iPhones, Androids, and Blackberries. Users may subscribe on the Skyscape website.

The Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions is also available for iPad and smartphones via MedHand – Mobile Libraries.