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Cochrane produces a wide range of content to contribute to healthcare decision-making.

Cochrane defines core products as those products published in the Cochrane Library. The Cochrane Library also includes a number of features, which are ‘added-value’ products, such as podcasts and special collections of reviews. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews also has occasional supplements, such as for the abstracts of the annual Cochrane Colloquium and for Cochrane Methods. Features and supplements are intended to drive usage to our core products rather than generate income.

Cochrane’s derivative products are stand-alone products that include and/or are derived from Cochrane-produced databases.They are intended to be income-generating. We also work with partners to develop products (partner products) to increase the reach of Cochrane Reviews and related content. See the respective sections outlining current derivative and partnership products.

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Harriet MacLehose
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General changes to reflect changes to the Cochrane Library.
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24 August 2018