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Complimentary access to the Cochrane Library

For eligible Cochrane members and groups

Contact authors of Cochrane Reviews

Eligibility criteria

The Contact Person for each published Cochrane Review receives an online complimentary subscription to the Cochrane Library. The complimentary subscription lasts for 2.5 years from the publication date of the most recent citation version. This does not apply to Protocols.

Setting up a complimentary subscription

The Contact Person for each Cochrane Review will receive an automated notification from Archie with details on how to set up their complimentary subscription once all the licence for publication forms for the review have been signed. Complimentary access will start once the Cochrane Review has been published. Further information is available in Archie.

Cochrane Groups

Each Cochrane entity is entitled to at least one complimentary subscription.

Activating complimentary subscriptions

People need to have their complimentary subscription activated before the next steps; see Archie help file for instructions on how to activate a complimentary subscription. Contact authors of Cochrane Reviews can access their complimentary subscription as soon as all co-authors have signed the licence for publication form for the Cochrane Review.

From 20 August 2013 onwards, people with activated complimentary access need to login to Archie and click on the link to the Cochrane Library at the top of the page. This takes the user directly to the Cochrane Library. These steps need to be followed each time the person wishes to gain full access to the Cochrane Library.

People with complimentary subscriptions activated before August 2013

The process described above will replace a system set up before the roll out of the continuous publishing model for Cochrane Reviews in June 2013. In brief, eligible people were sent a unique author ID to enable them to login to the Cochrane Library via the Wiley publisher platform. Logins were set up approximately every two weeks meaning that there were delays between the publication of a Cochrane Review and when the contact author could access the Cochrane Library. The new system (from August 2013) allows for immediate access to the Cochrane Library.

People using the unique author ID from Wiley will be contacted individually to explain the change and provide instructions on how to move over to the Archie-enabled system (see above) by November 2013.

Donating complimentary subscriptions

Contact Persons for Cochrane Reviews or other people or entities with a complimentary subscription are able to donate their complimentary subscription to someone else with an entry in Archie.

For journalists

To promote visibility of the Cochrane Library, journalists may also request complimentary access to the Cochrane Library; see www.thecochranelibrary.com/Media or information about dissemination (press release) for more information.

Complimentary access will start once the Cochrane Review has been published. 

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