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Translations of Cochrane content are a high priority for Cochrane. There are many ongoing translation projects. If you have queries related to translations of Cochrane content, you can contact the people listed below.

Translating Cochrane Reviews or other content in the Cochrane Library

If you would like to translate material from the Cochrane Library (including Cochrane Reviews), please contact Juliane Ried (juliane.ried@cochrane.org) at Cochrane.

Translations of the Cochrane Handbook

The policies and procedures for translations of the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions are currently being reviewed. If you have queries related to translations please contact Ella Flemyng (eflemyng@cochrane.org) at Cochrane.

Translations of other Cochrane-related books

For other books in Wiley's Cochrane book series, please contact Deborah Pentesco-Murphy (dpentesc@wiley.com) at Wiley.

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