Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions
1.3.4 Reviews of methodology

Cochrane Methodology Reviews seek to answer questions about various aspects of the methods for systematic reviews, randomized studies and other evaluations of health and social care. They provide an evidence base for the methods of these evaluations, as well as providing descriptive accounts of other relevant issues, for example, to show the scale of problems faced by researchers working on systematic reviews or making decisions about health and social care. Cochrane Methodology Reviews use the widest range of study designs of Cochrane Reviews, including:

  • experimental studies such as randomized studies to compare different strategies to increase response rates to surveys; 
  • comparative observational studies to examine the relationship between the use of reporting guidelines and the quality of research reports; and 
  • descriptive observational studies of the proportion of studies presented at conferences that are also published in full. 

Cochrane Methodology Reviews have a particular structure, based on the structure of Cochrane Intervention Reviews but with changes to some of the headings and sub-headings.  The Cochrane Methodology Review Group has editorial responsibility for all Methodology Reviews. Appendix A provides a guide to the contents of a Cochrane Methodology protocol and review. 

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9 February 2017