About Cochrane Crowd

Cochrane Crowd, Cochrane’s new citizen science platform, is a global community of volunteers who complete tasks to help classify the research needed to support informed decision-making about healthcare.

This video introduces Cochrane Crowd, and how you can get involved.

What tasks are available?

Cochrane Crowd offers a range of ‘micro’ tasks, aimed at identifying and describing the evidence.

  1. The Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) identification task is the initial micro-task available for new users.
  2. The Diagnostic Test Accuracy (DTA) identification task is available to all users who have completed 200 RCT identification tasks.
  3. A suite of Patient, Population or Problem (P), Intervention (I), Comparison (C) and Outcome (O) tasks is currently being trialled. Users are asked to describe the evidence using the PICO model. This model is widely used and taught in evidence-based health care as a strategy for formulating questions and search strategies and for characterizing clinical studies or meta-analyses.

But how does it work?

Cochrane Crowd works together with the Evidence Pipeline to identify and describe health evidence. All existing study and review data in Cochrane's datastores, plus any new study data added to the system, are categorised and enriched by the quick, powerful and accurate combination of people (Cochrane Crowd) working with automated tools (Evidence Pipeline).

Stay tuned for more in-depth information about 'Cochrane Crowd - Under the Hood', including performance evaluation data.

For more information on Cochrane Crowd contact us at crowd@cochrane.org.