Cochrane Crowd Resources for Managing Editors


Edits to your Review Group website

Follow the instructions below to make changes to your Review Group website to include information/links about Cochrane Crowd. If you prefer, the Cochrane Crowd team can make these changes for you - please contact to organise.

1. Add a link to Cochrane Crowd from your top menu

Use the menu name 'Cochrane Crowd' and link to

2. Change your Get Involved page

  • Add the text below to your Get Involved page, including links to from the words 'Cochrane Crowd', or
  • Create a new page called Cochrane Crowd, and include the text below. Give this page a menu link title 'Cochrane Crowd', with Parent item your Get Involved menu

Cochrane Crowd
Cochrane Crowd is an online citzien science platform that enables anyone with an interest in health to contribute to health evidence. Our volunteers make it easier for health researchers to find the latest, high-quality evidence on what treatments work and don’t work. This means health practitioners can more easily access current evidence to inform the treatments they provide. 

Head on over to Cochrane Crowd now to sign up and start making a difference.

Other Cochrane Crowd Resources

Use the links below to access Cochrane Crowd's infographics and news items. You might want to distribute the infographics and link to relevant news items in your blogposts or tweets.

1. Infographics (PDF & JPG)