Covidence is the primary screening and data extraction tool for Cochrane authors, streamlining the production of standard intervention reviews. Covidence’s support of key steps in the Cochrane Review process, such as citation screening and Risk of Bias assessment, and improved links with RevMan make the review writing process more efficient. Covidence is a tool framed around a quality user experience, with a focus on being highly intuitive for authors to use, and tailored to Cochrane’s methods.

Covidence is one of Cochrane’s recommended tools to support you in some of the most labour-intensive stages of your systematic review. Covidence allows your team to upload search results, screen abstracts and full text, complete data collection, conduct risk of bias assessment, resolve disagreements, and export data into RevMan or Excel. We think you’ll find it easy to use and genuinely helpful in easing the workload. Covidence is free to use for those authoring Cochrane reviews, and you can login in using your Cochrane account (formerly Archie).

Covidence is recommended by Cochrane as part of its author support toolkit.