About Covidence

What is Covidence?

Covidence is a web-based software platform that streamlines the production of systematic reviews, including Cochrane Reviews.

The key steps in Cochrane Reviews supported by Covidence are:

  • Citation screening 
  • Full text review
  • Risk of Bias assessment
  • Extraction of study characteristics and outcomes
  • Export of data and references into RevMan

Key features of Covidence are: 

  • Support for duplicated, independent processes, including at citation screening, full text review, Risk of Bias (RoB) and Data Extraction stages
  • Resolution of screening, RoB, and data extraction conflicts, and agreement on final consensus data 
  • Import of citations from a range of reference managers and de-duplication of study citations (with manual override)
  • Storage of full text study reports 
  • Automatic population of Risk of Bias tables with text selected in full text reports
  • Simple export of data into RevMan or Excel

What can I use Covidence for?

Covidence has been selected by Cochrane to support authors conducting standard Cochrane intervention reviews. It has been designed to support more efficient production of systematic reviews. Covidence can be used from the beginning of title/abstract screening through the beginning of meta-analysis. Covidence is not designed to support complex review types (see EPPI-Reviewer) and is not currently designed to support the update of an existing review.

How can I access Covidence?

Cochrane authors can start using Covidence now for free at www.covidence.org.

Does Covidence link to other Cochrane tools?

Covidence can already export to RevMan 5. As the new Review Database is developed for RevMan Web, we will improve the communication between the two tools and add support for updating reviews. All of your review data will be stored in one central place, even if you change the tools you are using while working on your review. You can log in to Covidence using your Archie login details.


If you're working on a more complex review, you may also be interested in EPPI-Reviewer, also recommended and available free to Cochrane authors. EPPI-Reviewer also supports study screening, data collecti on and risk of bias assessment, as well as analysis, and includes advanced features such as narrative synthesis, qualitative analysis and text mining.