Resources for Covidence

Covidence is Cochrane’s new recommended tool to support authors in the labour-intensive stages of screening and data collection.

We’d like to make sure you have all the information you need to begin routinely connecting your authors with Covidence, should they wish to use it.

The following resources are in place:

  • Support: All questions about Covidence can be directed to, or by clicking the “?” icon directly from Covidence. CRGs are not expected to provide author support. If you receive any queries at the editorial base, just forward them to the Covidence support team.
  • Training program: A series of webinars is running during 2016, including regular introductory sessions as well as forum discussions for users to ask questions and learn some more in-depth features. Check our workshops schedule for coming webinars, or see a recording of a past webinar.
  • Online Knowledge Base: Demo videos, answers to frequently asked questions and more can be found online at
  • Archie templates: The standard emails and attachments for authors triggered by title registration and protocol publication in the workflows will be updated soon to include brief information on Covidence, along with other key information.
  • And what about EPPI-Reviewer?  EPPI-Reviewer is an alternative software package for reviews that is also recommended for Cochrane authors. This package has more advanced functionality and may be more useful for authors tackling complex reviews, including narrative and qualitative synthesis. Information on how to access EPPI-Reviewer is at

Note that both Covidence and EPPI-Reviewer are free for registered Cochrane reviews.