Updates on Covidence

May 2016: Free access to Covidence for Cochrane Reviews

March 2016: From the IKMD Mid-Year Report

5. New authoring infrastructure: We will revolutionize our authoring infrastructure by completing the move of RevMan and the Cochrane Register of Studies online with the release of beta versions into general use; and ensuring that 85% of reviews moving beyond the protocol publication stage use Covidence or EPPI-Reviewer from October 2016.

Since Vienna the Covidence team has been focussed on supporting review teams and others to use Covidence. The number of Cochrane Reviews being produced with Covidence is now over 450, with the average number of sessions initiated via the Covidence Archie login reaching 500 per week.

We have developed a Covidence implementation and communication plan, which guides our overall approach to the roll-out of Covidence for Cochrane Reviews. This has included several webinars for Managing Editors and Information Specialists. We also host Special Webinars: regular, specialised webinars for key Cochrane user groups (MEs and ISs) on a quarterly basis. These are roughly an hour in length, and will adjust content based on executive committees’ input prior to sessions.

Complete information on how to access Covidence and how to find support when authors have questions are now available on the Cochrane Training site at http://training.cochrane.org/resource/covidence. Note that editorial base staff are not expected to provide technical support to authors in the use of Covidence – you can forward any author queries directly to Covidence at support@covidence.org.

The Covidence team is also working closely with Cochrane Learning and Support. Key activities planned in 2016 include:

  • Development of guidance for Cochrane Trainers to facilitate the use of Covidence during Cochrane training workshops and courses;
  • Presentations during Trainers’ Week to share knowledge with future workshop facilitators;
  • Links from the Cochrane Training website to videos in the Covidence Knowledge Base;
  • Updating information about Covidence in automated email templates in the Archie workflows in email sent to reviews teams at protocol approval stage;
  • A regular series of webinars for authors – see the Cochrane Training website at http://training.cochrane.org/workshops for the current schedule.

Further work will continue on finalising improvements to Covidence functionality and working towards more active integration with RevMan .