What is EPPI-Reviewer?

EPPI-Reviewer is a comprehensive online tool for research synthesis.

EPPI-Reviewer is an online software application which supports authors and editors in writing all types of systematic reviews, particularly in complex areas including meta-analysis, framework synthesis, and thematic synthesis.

The EPPI-Reviewer tool is available subscription free for Cochrane contributors.

Its features include:

  • Reference management
  • The storage, annotation and coding of PDF files
  • Concurrent independent extraction of data
  • Qualitative and quantitative analytical functions
  • Configurable reports for querying and presenting data in user-defined ways
  • Easy export of review data to facilitate use with other software applications

How do I access EPPI-Reviewer?

Cochrane authors can log into EPPI-Reviewer using their Cochrane login and check reviews in and out.

Information on how to access EPPI-Reviewer and how to find support is available via Cochrane Training.

How will EPPI-Reviewer contribute to Cochrane reviews?

The EPPI-Reviewer tool will ensure that reviews in complex areas are sufficiently supported by Cochrane information systems. As complex reviews require a high degree of flexibility, this software will offer a choice of different data extraction and critical appraisal tools for different types of study. EPPI-Reviewer has been designed to enable users to customise tools for the demands of a specific review.

The EPPI-Reviewer team is currently working on further developments including: 

Further information on EPPI-Reviewer is available on the EPPI-Reviewer website.

EPPI-Reviewer is developed and maintained by the EPPI-Centre at the Social Science Research Unit of the UCL Institute of Education, University of London, UK.