About Linked Data


The Cochrane Linked Data Project, formerly known as the ‘Star Trek’ project, is led by the Cochrane Informatics and Knowledge Management Department and the Cochrane Editoral Unit. This project was first conceived in 2011, when an informal group began working with consultants to explore how semantic technologies, including linked data, could help Cochrane produce content more efficiently and meet the needs of our users better. A project board was established in December 2012, and as of April 2013 was in the final stages of preparing a strategy paper with business case and recommendations for consideration by Cochrane CEO Mark Wilson and the Governing Board (formerly the Steering Group). 

Our experience with this project has convinced us that it has the potential to become an ‘enabling technology’ for the Collaboration that could allow us to do more with our content. Anyone interested to learn more about the Linked Data Project can visit our dedicated site, Cochrane Linked Data.