About Project Transform

The Cochrane Governing Board (formerly the Steering Group) has approved Project Transform for funding (2015-2017) as part of the Cochrane Game Changer initiative. Over the next three years the project will work with the wider Cochrane community to improve the way people, processes, and technologies come together to produce Cochrane content.

The starting point for Project Transform is the assertion that content production is our core business and our global network of contributors is our greatest asset. By better mobilising these networks through the appropriate use of technology, we can maximise the value of our content and our long-term sustainability in a changing external environment.

The project goal is to significantly improve the long-term value and sustainability of Cochrane by piloting, refining, and scaling up innovations in content production, within the framework of Strategy to 2020 and in collaboration with other Cochrane projects.

We expect the project to deliver significant benefits for Cochrane Review production and updating; improve our impact and topic coverage; and enhance the engagement, retention, and experience of contributors. However, it is only with the involvement of the broader Cochrane community that we will be able to realise the opportunities presented by this work (see Contact Us for ways to get involved).