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Project Transfrom - a Cochrane collaborative project

During its development the Project Transform has had input from many people throughout Cochrane, and we have now established a number of ways for the Cochrane community to get involved in the project.

  • Register your interest to get involved in early testing and piloting by emailing us at
  • Participate in our workshops and presentations at major meetings
  • Download our past presentations and webinars
  • Read regular updates in the Cochrane Community newsletter, also archived on our Updates page
  • Find out about opportunities for computer scientists to get involved in the machine learning aspects of the project by contacting Evidence Pipeline Co-Lead, James Thomas

You can also use the table below to interact with us via Cochrane groups. We've identified one key contact in each Cochrane group and a Project Transform counterpart who will act as a channel for all project communications from that group. This will ensure that your interest, concerns, or suggestions are not missed and allow us to streamline our communications.

Group Group Contact Project Transform Contact
Authors Donna Gillies Tari Turner
Central Executive Team Chris Champion Julian Elliott
Centres/CBD Meeting Joerg Meerphol Steve McDonald
Cochrane Community Various media Melissa Murano
Cochrane Editorial Unit David Tovey David Tovey
Cochrane Governing  Board Chris Champion Julian Elliott
Consumers Richard Morley Anna Noel-Storr
Co-ordinating Editors Martin Burton David Tovey
Fields Denise Thomson Tari Turner
IT Services Chris Mavergames Chris Mavergames
Managing Editors Frances Kellie Tari Turner
Methods Exec Jackie Chandler James Thomas
Trainers Chris Watts Anna Noel-Storr
Information Specialists Anna Noel-Storr Anna Noel-Storr

You can always get in touch with us at - we'd like to hear from you! To find out more about the wonderful Project Transform team, visit our Project Team page.